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Life accordion to Graeme

Graeme has been a touring musician most of his life and has traveled all over Europe, Russia & Kazakhstan.  He is billed as the Scottish music ambassador for Cyprus, making 3-4 regular trips every year.

Having started playing at 10 years old, Graeme has followed in the footsteps of his family which has had a band since the 1950s.  Playing both in his family band of 3 generations (Jim Mackay's dance band) and his modern ceilidh band "Tweed" he now makes a living between the bands and his solo career, travelling all over the place for people to hear him play.

He climbed through the competitive ranks acheiving the national championship status twice in Scotland and 2nd place in the accordion masters championship along with multiple awards for button key accordion classes.


But he is at home more on the stage, entertaining people from all over the world.  Guiding them through the steps of Scottish dances, telling stories about the tunes and songs and playing tunes from Scotland, Ireland and other international numbers including French, German & Russian material.


From energetic dances, to chill out and relaxing, you are sure to be entertained by all that he has to offer in a performance.


For the past year Graeme has been running the Ceilidh Cabin from home.  A purpose built structure at the bottom of the garden hosting an online broadcasting & recording studio.  See more at

Graeme Mackay

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